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So, first semester at URI was great. The program is so much better than the one I was in at Seton Hall. I've started working out seriously this week and will definitely stick with it. I've got a disk from netflix that allows instant streaming on the wii, so I just load up a workout video and go. I've been doing three that were put out by self magazine. They're really good, I was dieing sweating today. In college I used to go to the gym nearly every day, with workouts that lasted between 1-2 hours. Since graduating 2 years ago I've definitely been way too lax in my exercise routine (because if I want to go to a gym I have to pay for it now. boo!). So, I tried putting on shorts the other day and they were too tight. And a skirt I used to wear didn't fit over my ginormous hips. UGH. That is when I decided to get serious again. I used to weigh between 115-120, and now I'm 140. At my height you can't tell that I weigh that much (it's actually in the normal/healthy range), and I gain my weight in my hips so it's not like I look flabby or anything, but still. So...I guess my goal is to lose 20 pounds and get fit again. Let this be a lesson: if you get a desk/office job it is vital to work out even more than usual because sitting on your butt all day will really pack on the pounds.

Nov. 12th, 2009

Ugh, I hate it here. I've applied to 2 different programs at URI. The deadline is the 15th, so I hope they get everything in time and that I get accepted! I emailed the heads of both programs, and they seemed nice. One actually told me that I'd be a good fit, which was amazing to hear. Even if I don't get in, I don't want to come back here....if that happens I guess i'll apply again for fall semster. I'm really homesick and am not used to living with other people anymore. I guess I got too used to living as an adult...all of my roommates are still in college mode. Not liking that so much. I guess my life is at a point where I need to live on my own (well, with dan, and a lot of times during the week at my parents b/c I can't go too long w/out seeing my cats, haha). I want to get back into the groove of being with people I like, working full time, and fingers crossed take classes. Oh, URI is also way cheaper b/c it's in state tuition, and again rent is way cheaper. Also, I can eat my mom's food whenever to save on groceries :). Big downside is that they'll only take 6 grad credits and i'm earning 9 this semester...if they even take them. I really hope they do. This is the first time in my life that things haven't gone according to my envisioned plan...maybe it's a good thing? A learning experience? I guess the moral is that if you get engaged and have a good paying full time job think long and hard before you move away to go to school again.

I love my life

Well, thought I should update after not having done so for like 8 months. What's new, let's see....Well, I got engaged! So exciting. And i'm in grad school. :) So, i'm currently living in new jersey, which is not my favorite place in the world but it's only 3 hours from home, so it's all good.  At least the gas is cheap here and you don't have to pump it yourself. Though I wasn't engaged when I applied and accepted to go here....I dunno if I would be here if I had been then.  That sounds kind of confusing....to clarify: I would have applied and gone to a program much closer to home. But it's only 2 years, and classes seem pretty easy so far (knock on wood). I'm very happy right now and hope that everyone else is too! :) Oh, except I miss my cats a lot. And dog. And chickens (yeah, i've got chickens, or rather my mom does).
Just sent in my app for UNH. All I have left now is Brandeis! But first I have to check my bank account, applying to schools is expensive! But I will hopefully get that one done tomorrow. I'm going to the dentist for 8 am (yuck), coming home, work out/shower, going to work then I am promising myself to finish that application!!! Oh, and I have to send them my GRE scores as well, because they only send up to four schools your scores for free. After that you have to pay $20 per school. Oh, and I go back to work at my other job on Wed, which I am so excited about because the pay is amazing.
Ok, so 3/5 applications are finished. I have to mail two letters of intent and my recommendation forms tomorrow, write two more letters, pay the UNH fee and then fill out the entire Brandeis application. So....I'm almost kinda sorta done. It will be nice to be completely FINISHED!!! After all the apps are in I guess I have to wait for interview calls...then after that visit schools...I really  hope I get into a program. Just one is all I ask. Doesn't matter where, I like all of the programs (though the one in Pittsburgh is really far away). But yeah. It would be nice to be accepted. *crosses fingers*

Jan. 5th, 2009

I've gotta get my little butt moving on grad school apps again. Tomorrow morning i'm sending out the transcript request form and will (hopefully) write my statement of purpose. I am SUCH a procrastinator when it comes to writing stuff. I'm also sending reccomendation forms to my profs. If I really kick myself in the butt hopefully I'll have all this stuff done by the end of the week. *crosses fingers*

Oh, and in awesome news: DAN GOT A JOB!!!!! Huzzah! At Foxwoods no less. Which is 20 minutes from my house. So, he will be moving into my house until we save up enough money to get an apartment. We'd stay in RI though (because foxwoods is in CT). I don't want to change my license and registration, hhahaha. And it will be soooo nice to not have to drive 3 hours to Maine to see him every couple of weeks. So yay!

Dec. 19th, 2008

Am I a bad person for thinking that my boyfriend's 4 month old nephew is really ugly? Normally I can tolerate ugly babies, but geeze. Poor kid.

Grad school

So, I'm in the process of applying to graduate schools. My to do list is as follows:
1. Email former professors/ask my boss for letters of reccomendation
2. Spruce up my resume
3. Re-write my cover letter to make it look like a letter of intent....several times to fit each school/program
4. Apply! (Which includes paying a buttload in application fees. Grrr.)
5. Take the GRE's December 20...which means I need to start studying.

All in all it's starting to get a tad stressfull. The sad thing is I'm not as motivated as I was when I applied for college because it's not like I see my peers everyday who are going through the same thing. I should be motivated though....otherwise where will I get a job? Hahaha. So tomorrow I am definitely going to send out those emails and spruce up my letters/resume. I really don't want to procrastinate any longer...it will be nice to get everything over and done with!

Oct. 22nd, 2008

I'm so lucky that my parents paid for school. Now that I'm out they're making me pay for the loan that they took out, but it's only $11,000. (Ha! Only). My poor bf has a whopping $62,000 to pay back... and by the time it is paid off he will have paid over $100,000. So....he had better get a freakin good job that pays a shit ton of money. And I had better get a graduate assistanceship b/c that pays for school. Assuming I get in. *crosses fingers times infinity* They say that money can't buy happiness, but I'm pretty sure that if I had enough to pay off our loans right now I'd be over the moon about it.


So the guy called me today and said that lawyers were talking and that the air force (they're the ones who are dishing out the contract) will contact him in 3-5 business days and that when they do he will call me. Sooooooo, fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. I need money and I don't feel like having to look for another job. I also remembered tonight that I am still registered to vote in New Hampshire, so I should get around to changing that... by October anyways. I really need to start running again-- I've gotten very lazy. 

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